Minerva Club of Santa Maria

Est. 1894

Minerva Club


Minerva Club Scholarship Trust Fund, Inc

Scholarships given by the Minerva Club had their beginnings in 1917 when the entire senior class of Santa Maria High School was entertained at the home of Mrs. Goodwin.  A few years later, the Minerva Club began the tradition of inviting all the Honor Students to a luncheon.  In 1952, a scholarship fund was begun with the profits of their cookbook, Company's Coming.  The first Minerva Club scholarship of $535.00 was presented to Marilyn May.

Over the years, the membership was able to increase the amount and number of scholarships given.  The Scholarship Trust Fund was established in 1981.  By 1983, about $45,000 had been awarded.  In 1999, the Club received a bequest of $250,000 from the Maxine and Burns Rick estate for scholarships and shortly after, the Trust Fund was incorporated. The Minerva Club has awarded more than $200,000 in scholarships since the 1950s.


Board of Directors:                                         Scholarship Committee:

           President:  Judy Frost                                           2nd Year:   Carolyn Acquistapace

           Secretary:  Judy Garrett                                                           Barbara Johnston

           Treasure:   Heidi Cole                                             1st Year:   Scottie Ortiz 

           Trustee:     Robin Bouwmeester                                              Diane Freeman 

           Trustee:     Helen Rose

On Sunday, May 5, 2019 the 2018-2019 Minerva Club Scholarship Awards Ceremony 

was held at the Minerva Clubhouse. 

Scholarship recipients, their families, high school counselors 

and honored guests were present.

    Front row from left: Martha Perez (PVHS), Malia Bullock (VCA), Naomi Lopez (PVHS),

    Osevia Lopez (DELTA HS), Samantha Pereyra (ERHS), Karen Perez ERHS) 

and Savannah Aragon (ERHS).


    Back row from left: Theresa Souza (SJHS), Alison Magni (PVHS), Alejandra Ramos (OA), 

    Diego Reyes-Leon (SMHS)Selina Perez (SMHS) and Samantha Lopez (SMHS).


Minerva Club

127 W. Boone St.

Santa Maria, CA  93458

P.O.Box 881

Santa Maria, CA  93456-881


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Contact Heidi Cole at (805) 878-3812 for reserving and scheduling.